Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baby Keaton is growing up! Isn't he a cutie! He is now 3 1/2 months

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Update witht the Popes

So Braden is in Karate in a Tiny tigers class and recently upgraded to an orange belt.

Barry just celebrated his 33rd birthday on May 11th

Braden was also selected to be in the Fairy tale bowl at school and he recieved a book of his choice for participating :)

Lincoln finished up his soccer season and was glad that it was over, it really was getting too hot to play. I think we will stick with the fall/winter seasons

Braden also just recieved his Tiger cub award with scouts. He signed up through school and loves it.

Lincoln just graduated from Voluntary Pre-kindergarten and this is his singing a song

These were Lincoln's wonderful teachers Miss Nichole and Miss Melba. They were amazing and Lincoln loved going to school.

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Friday, December 31, 2010

The missing pope family

So we have been missing in action, I have no excuses just laziness. Here are a few things that have been going on with the Pope family.
On the September 11th weekend my mom and I had a wonderful trip New York City. It was my first time being there. Someone told me not to look like a tourist or I would get taken advantage of, can't say that I did a very good job of that. The first step off of the shuttle from the airport and my jaw just dropped and all I could do was stare. We got to see ground zero and the work being done on it. We also got to see Wicked my all time favorite musical. Overall we had an AMAZING time.
When I got home from NYC, my Dad and step-mom Michelle came to visit us. While they were here they looked at retirement communities...I was crossing my fingers that they would find something that they liked. We also wend to the Florida State BYU game. We had a great time with them here.
Lincoln played soccer this fall and LOVED it. He will play again in the spring.

This year for Halloween Brooklyn was a kitty cat, Braden was Darth Vader, and Lincoln was red ranger.
We also visited Busch gardens frequently the kids love it.
We had a fun Christmas this year lots of visitors this picture was taken at the Nativity.

Last but not least we are having a new addition to our family. We are really excited, I am a little nervous though. That is what is happening with the Pope's lately.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Game On!

Barry got this dart board for Christmas like 2 years ago and we finally started to use it. We had a fun family game night.
Brooklyn with her cheesy grin!

This is just a random picture I took of Brooklyn that I thought was beautiful
We also recently had some friends of ours over and we had a bond fire. Matt and Barry got this fabulous idea of roasting marshmallows. They didn't want to burn their hands so they put the skewers on the end of these enormous poles.

Next we had a sprinkler day...nothing better than cooling off in the sprinklers on a hot sunny day!

And last but not least Brooklyn got some princess stuff and boy does she love it! She is such a girlie girl!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Big Time Catch Up!

I know, I know, it seems that the Pope family has dropped off the face of the earth. Tis not so, I say! We are alive and well, I have have just been lazy. Any hoo, here are some catch up pictures.

These are of Beautiful Brooklyn and her new Easter PJ's from Grandma and Grandpa Peterson.

HAPPY EASTER! Lincoln and Braden finding eggs.
Brooklyn finding eggs
It was so fun having my mom here. One night we put curlers in Brooklyn's hair. I forgot to take an after picture :(
Grandma Stewart threw a Pope Birthday Party. We celebrated all of our Birthdays while she was here. Barry got a grill from her and so we had yummy BBQ for dinner.
Braden loved the cake, and Brooklyn loves her baby doll Grandma got her.

Daddy and Mommy's Little girl!

Grandma's going home....WE LOVE YOU GRANDMA!
Barry took the kids to Dinosaur world with their cousins!
We had some friends over to see our new house. The kids loved playing in, and on this little house in our driveway.

We celebrated Barry's 32nd birthday on May 11th
And last but not least, Today, Braden had a Success Celebration at school. This is his teacher Ms. Psarras, and all the kids in his class. Braden loved going to Mintz Elementary!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poor Brooklyn

Brooklyn has had a hard last couple of months, she has split her chin open twice, had a lot of bruises from falling. She just keeps getting hurt. About 3 weeks ago Lincoln hit her with a miniature gardening hoe. We got it so the boys could help us in the yard. Well I have no idea how it happened, but he manage to hit her directly on her two front teeth, notice the triangle looking chip. To top it all off this week she had a fight with some concrete steps and the steps won, hence the scratch on her forehead, eye, and cheek. She a walking accident waiting to happen. I hope she gets out of this phase soon!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just like the energizer bunny!

Today was kind of a stressful day. It started out great with my friend Dagmar coming over, but then it kind of headed down hill for a while. We have this hole in the front of our house where the previous owners had put in a pond. They ripped it out before we moved in, so we had to fill it in with Dirt. We had hired a young fellow to come and do the work for us, but he got sick and ended up asking his grandpa, who runs the nursery part of the business, to come and dump the dirt. He showed up by himself and I asked him if he needed me to help guide him back up the truck. He kindly rejected me so I stood aside and watched. Well some older folks don't have very goodjudgement when it comes to distances. This man happened to be one of them. He was like theenergizer bunny. He kept going and going and going....until it was to late, he was over the side walk and sliding down into the hole and into our house. Luckily the truck hit the corner of our garage and didn't do a ton of damage, but still, we have only been living here for a couple of weeks! We were blessed, he could have done a lot more damage than he did. Oh well, life goes on...just like that energizer bunny :)
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