Saturday, January 16, 2010


Every year all of Barry's married siblings have a camping trip. This year we got to go because we weren't travelling. It was fun, but it was a little too cold for me. At night it got down in the 30's. Oh so cold!!!! But we got to go on a little boat ride, make s'mores, have foil dinners, drink lots of hot chocolate, and enjoy each others company.

A visit to Grandpa, Braden's program, Christmas

Sorry I'm so late in writing about Christmas. I still haven't even posted pictures from my mom's visit, but then again, she took them all :) But we went to go see Barry's Grandpa Turnbull and had a great time. Brooklyn took to him so well. She just loved him!

Braden had a Holiday program at school he was so cute!
Then came Christmas eve, the kids were so excited for santa clause to come that we didn't have any problem putting them to bed.

We gave the boys a bat cave for christmas. They LOVED it as you can see from their faces.
Brooklyn got a baby doll that you can take in the bath with you, she absolutely loves it!