Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just like the energizer bunny!

Today was kind of a stressful day. It started out great with my friend Dagmar coming over, but then it kind of headed down hill for a while. We have this hole in the front of our house where the previous owners had put in a pond. They ripped it out before we moved in, so we had to fill it in with Dirt. We had hired a young fellow to come and do the work for us, but he got sick and ended up asking his grandpa, who runs the nursery part of the business, to come and dump the dirt. He showed up by himself and I asked him if he needed me to help guide him back up the truck. He kindly rejected me so I stood aside and watched. Well some older folks don't have very goodjudgement when it comes to distances. This man happened to be one of them. He was like theenergizer bunny. He kept going and going and going....until it was to late, he was over the side walk and sliding down into the hole and into our house. Luckily the truck hit the corner of our garage and didn't do a ton of damage, but still, we have only been living here for a couple of weeks! We were blessed, he could have done a lot more damage than he did. Oh well, life goes on...just like that energizer bunny :)
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Jason Acosta said...

dang old people.

JS Glancy said...

you're house is sooooooooooo nice!

Chrinny said...

Hey Kassi:) Can't wait to come see your new house! Barry said Lila and I can come for a sleepover one night...Hey, will you please blog about Brooklyn's incident with Lincoln and a plastic garden tool? Barry told me about it and I asked him to take a pic. Were you able to get her tooth fixed? Love those kiddos and can't wait to see all ya'll:)