Friday, December 31, 2010

The missing pope family

So we have been missing in action, I have no excuses just laziness. Here are a few things that have been going on with the Pope family.
On the September 11th weekend my mom and I had a wonderful trip New York City. It was my first time being there. Someone told me not to look like a tourist or I would get taken advantage of, can't say that I did a very good job of that. The first step off of the shuttle from the airport and my jaw just dropped and all I could do was stare. We got to see ground zero and the work being done on it. We also got to see Wicked my all time favorite musical. Overall we had an AMAZING time.
When I got home from NYC, my Dad and step-mom Michelle came to visit us. While they were here they looked at retirement communities...I was crossing my fingers that they would find something that they liked. We also wend to the Florida State BYU game. We had a great time with them here.
Lincoln played soccer this fall and LOVED it. He will play again in the spring.

This year for Halloween Brooklyn was a kitty cat, Braden was Darth Vader, and Lincoln was red ranger.
We also visited Busch gardens frequently the kids love it.
We had a fun Christmas this year lots of visitors this picture was taken at the Nativity.

Last but not least we are having a new addition to our family. We are really excited, I am a little nervous though. That is what is happening with the Pope's lately.


Drew said...

Congrats!! When is the new one due? We are so happy for you. We HAVE TO get together again some time.

Adrienne said...

Congratulations! It looks like you're pretty far along, do you know if it's a boy or girl? A trip to NYC sounds fantastic!

Kira said...

Hooray! So glad that you are back blogging. The Nativity picture is priceless. By the looks of the ultrasound-- you should be finding out the sex soon. Can't wait!

Danielle Harris said...

I had no idea you were pregnant! Congrats!!! I'm so excited for your family and I hope you keep us all updated on what you're having and everything.

Twila and Josh said...

Yeah the cats out of the bag! I love you Kassi and miss you guys! So excited about the newest pope...if its a girl the name Twila is super cute and you should try it out! LOL

shareebee53 said...

I love the blog! Miss you and love you!

Sarah, Jordan, and Faye said...

maybe we can go with you guys next time to BG we love it!